Catering Event Terms and Conditions‚Äč

An Affair To Remember Catering

Thank you for consideringAn Affair to Remember to cater your special event. We will work with you or your party planner to ensure excellent service for your event. The following information will help you understand our services. 

Payment Policy

A Non-Refundable Deposit is required to secure our services for the day - the amount of the agreed upon deposit will be determined by the specifics of your event,; generally for on site events at our venue, The Great Hall, the deposit is $500.00 while the deposit for off-site events is $250.00 The deposit is due at the time of the signing of the event contract. An event is not considered booked until a deposit has been made; we do not hold any days.The remaining balance is then due two weeks before the event date, unless other arrangements have been made.  A Catering Service Charge of 20% is applied to all events.

Cancellation Policy

Due to you reserving the service of A2R for your event for a specific time and day, any cancellation must be received in written communication Thirty (30) days prior to the event date. Any monies received to that point above and beyond the deposit, in the case of payments, will not be returned. 

If cancellation is given after this deadline, pursuant to the written event contract, the final balance is then still due. 

Final Guest Count

 Final guest count and balance are both due two weeks before the event date, unless other arrangements are made. Final balance due is based on the final guest count.  A final guest count allows us to order food, set up staff, etc.

If no final guest count is given the original guest count agreed to upon in the contract will be used to make the final balance decision. While we strive to provide you with a memorable event we are not a restaurant and all staff and others decisions must be made ahead of the event date to ensure a successful event.

Any payments received after the final due date must be in cash. All events will be subject to the terms and prices set forth in the agreed upon contract. For your convenience A2R accepts cash, cashiers checks, regular checks and /or major credit cards.

Due to insurance regulations and standard, national health practices, leftover food and/or food paid for but not consumed on the premises of the event, whether it is off or on-site, will not be permitted to leave the premises other than with A2R - No Doggie Bags,Aluminum Foil, ETC.! Nor are you allowed to bring your own. As we are not a restaurant we do not keep take out boxes on premises or in our inventory.

A2R does not make Wedding Cakes. Our service pursuant to the contract may allow for us to cut and serve your cake/dessert. A2R will only perform this service if the cake/dessert is made by a licensed and insured professional/vendor. A2R does charge a cut and serve fee.